"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shoeless Joe's Quiz

Our best travel buddy, who travelled over 5,000 miles on this return trip
(never mind the over 4,000 miles north in June), loved being out of his back seat
while we wandered around the sea wall park in rainy Vancouver.
He wants to show you the interesting way the walkways were marked
so safety reigned and all were happy.
See if you can guess which events were permitted in each area.
Ready? He will start with an easy one.

How about this one?
Don't disregard the arrow, it's a one way route.

Shoeless Joe is sad to see how limited this area is.
No fun here.

But he likes this one.
He likes to go fast, himself.
Without the leash, if you don't mind.

He saved this one for last.
A bit tricky.
Think you get it?
It was near a snack bar and the pool.
A busy place on a hot, summer day.
Shoeless is proud to bring you these international symbols.
He knows you can still be active and safe, even if illiterate.
He is now wishing he could stay running in the park longer rather than
curl up with a sigh on his bed in the back seat.

But, we couldn't ask for a better back seat driver!
He NEVER gives a word of advice nor asks the question.
"Are we there yet?"
Just drools on our shoulders when the pretzel bag is open.


  1. Oh Shoeless, what a wonderful companion. This post has the feel of the ABC movie with those big dogs that we love, ha ha. Thank you shoeless for teaching us about park symbols.