"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Monday, November 22, 2010

Santa Claus and the North Pole, Alaska

Ho-Ho-Ho to Santa's house we go!!

Today we did a little sightseeing, scheduling it into the 4 brief hours of daylight.
We drove SOUTH of Fairbanks to the town of North Pole.
That seemed a little odd to both of us, honestly.


This is the tallest Santa I've ever seen!
Notice how small Jack looks standing near his feet. Sort of like an tiny elf.
That sled is actual people-sized, not miniature.

North Pole stores big blocks of ice from last year's frozen river under sawdust for months until this time each year. Then the ice sculpting begins. It is simply remarkable how coarse chainsaw blades can carve such delicate details. We sat in this ice sleigh just long enough
for the picture--the frozen bench chilled our bums!
This lovely carved sleigh was attached to 2 beautiful, life-sized, prancing ice reindeer.
The real reindeer were in a pen behind us, munching hay.

The whole town is a year-long Santaland.
Here is an example of all of the light poles. Clever, huh?

Even the businesses get in the spirit.

But some of us were getting a little disgruntled about the outdoor activities,
so we went into the Santa Claus house to warm up our attitudes.

It is as charming as you can imagine, packed with any and every Christmas ornament and collectible known to man. Christmas music filled the air.
But my favorite part were the letters. They covered the posts and some walls.
Letters children wrote and mailed to Santa.
One reads, "I want my Daddy home. And dress up clothes."(hee hee)

You may want to click on this pic and enlarge it twice to read these cute letters.

This child was so specific about the kind of race car and telescope he was asking for that he cut out the picture rather than risk Santa bringing the wrong ones.

The cozy Santa Claus house thawed out some frowns and turned them into smiles.
Look who found a big, warm and furry friend to hug.

And I found a cheerful friend, as well.
He made sure I sat on his knee and then told me he'd had knee replacement surgery last year.
Yipes! I jumped off in a flash.
This well-travelled Santa shocked me as he'd visited more places in Texas
than I ever have.
But of course, he IS Santa, after all.

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