"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Monday, November 15, 2010

Library Lure

Libraries have always been some of my favorite places. Often, while
visiting new cities and towns, Jack I have searched out local libraries.
They all have a little touch of their own personalities.
Usually it's the small town library that is the most charming, I think.
Did you ever stop to notice how people in a library are relaxed, quiet, pensive, and restful?
There is no kinetic energy or noise. Maybe that's why I like them so much.


The Fairbanks Public Library is no exception. It has an extensive collection of
books, media and collections but is offers much more than that. There are plenty of groupings of chairs and tables scattered about and many of them face out picture windows onto the grounds, encouraging calm and thoughtfulness.

This lower level room is a "silent zone" where folks can sit and read, be online, or just gaze out the windows while being warmed by a big fireplace. It's so cozy and lures me to come and linger. The view beyond is of a winter wonderland but in the summer it is filled with bountiful
gardens of flowers and trees.

I admire this stained glass entitled "Alaska in Vitro" which is 5 or 6 feet tall.
It depicts the northern lights, Denali, gold mining, bear, moose and whales.
A lovely work of art that adds warmth and color to the atmosphere.

The children's room is always the fun part of a library.
Here they've placed a huge birch tree placed in its center.
If you enlarge this pic by clicking on it you can see what's hiding here.

Among the branches are tucked life-sized birds, squirrels,
and both bird and bee nests. Did you see them? It's a fascinating thing.
And the wall of windows gives it a real outdoor feel.

This little parakeet lives happily in the children's room.
Who wouldn't?

Oh, Abigail is going to love the many times she'll come here with her mother.
Kathleen will pass on her love of reading in this room. She'll point out the birds hidden in the branches of the inside tree and sit at the tiny tables with her little girl. Today she is just practicing and dreaming. But tomorrow...
I roamed around the library today, specifically taking pictures for the blog. The chairs and windows were inviting, but seeing Kathleen walk in the door was the best view I could ask for.
Meeting up with her, seeing her happy smile and getting that great hug remain such a blessing and joy for me! It's always a thrill! Every time!

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