"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Swift Passing of 8 Years

We all know you as Gigi.
Today is your 8th birthday.
I have your heart-shaped cake in the oven and my mind is filled with YOU.

It's a good thing that your baby pictures aren't on this computer
or I'd never been able to choose.  
In this Grandma's eyes you will always be that wide-eyed baby girl
lying, just born, in the nursery.
(Sorry, my girl, but it's true.)

You are the one who introduced me to Grandma-hood.
It's a marvelous place to dwell.
Much like motherhood,
but better.  Much better.

During these 8 fleeting years
you, our Valentine girl, have reminded me of some important things in life:

Birthdays are the BEST days of the year.
(We need not focus on the numbers of the candles,
but rather the sweetness of the frosting.)

A bubble bath can soak away any problems.

Someday you will fit into my hat and jewelry.
I must always be on my best behavior
since I am one of the adults you model.

If we surround ourselves with people who love and support us, we can overcome all our fears.

A little drama goes a long way
and adds color to a dull day.
(And hospital sox can serve as ribbons to decorate a bouquet
and Barbie shoes can tap dance on ceramic tile...)

Baking with a friend makes the cookies even sweeter.

Focusing on the beauty of the Christmas ornaments is far lovelier than fretting about the details of the gift lists or menus.

Our world outdoors is ALWAYS waiting for us 
and is filled with wonders!

Grandfathers are patient teachers and...

seeing a complicated project through will bring exciting and worthwhile results!
In other words, don't give up!

Some of our best lifelong friends love us
without even a word.

Gigi, I have watched you grow.
There have been changes, of course,
but your love of reading remains a constant.
And wearing swim goggles inside is just YOU!!!

You're getting a little 8-year-old spunk
as you discover who you are.
Please, please don't rush out of your childhood.
Each day is so precious.

You are looking at this huge expanse of world
out there.  You are one BIG possibility,
filled with abilities and potential.



  1. Oh I agree with all the wonderful things Gigi and children can teach us. happy birthday, Gigi I love you too! Love Aunt Hillary

  2. This is SOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet!!!!!!!!! Love it!