"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Friday, February 8, 2013

SURPRISED!!! (yet again...)

I am such a slow learner.
I still expect late January and early February to be winter.
All my years living in the "North Country" of northeast New York State
left a permanent impression of what to expect weatherwise--
according to northern seasons, that is.
So, when I opened the windows here in Texas on Feb 1,
a warm spring breeze blew in to greet me.
And invite me to wander around the yard a bit,
soaking up the sunshine and mild temperatures .
On this meandering walk, let me share what I saw:

a delicate purple crocus,

and creamy yellow ones,

sunny and bright daffodil crying out "Springtime!",

and the promise of Easter lilies everywhere.

A few bottle brush flowers are blooming.
Little butterflies--yellow, white, blue ones--flitted on the blossoms.
This white one was hardly larger than a postage stamp.
It has a bright orange dot just under its eye.
Lovely.  Nature is so diverse.

Back a month ago (yes, the first week of January), 
a flock of my special friends passed through.
At least 25 bluebirds danced around in our trees,
chirping and flying from branch to branch.
One brave little one sat on the wind chime right outside of our
bedroom window.  I reminded him of the old bird houses we had left in
AuSable Chasm in case he was heading that far north.
I wished him well on his journey and told him to
carry this warmth and sunshine on his tail feathers.

Everywhere I looked--down at my feet, up in the trees, 
and in the shrubs--new life is thriving.
The gentle does who share our backyard have subtle swellings
to their sides and I am thankful that wee, spotted fawns will be joining us
come May or June.

I am aware that, even as I sit here on my porch listening to bird song,
the northeast is in the midst of a huge nor'easter snowstorm.
It IS February, after all and that is a natural occurrence.
In New York, that is.  
As much as I long for those mountains and trees in autumn,
I must admit that a February filled with birds, warm breezes, blossoms
and butterflies is a lovely thing to enjoy.


  1. Loved the pictures-especially of the Bottle Brush and the bird! Thank you for doing your blog. carol

  2. I do love Alaska but the thought of seeing your spring in less then two weeks sounds heavenly for sure.

  3. Funny that your spring Natural Geographic post is just after Bethlehem Village... I know it is a shorter timeframe there in Texas... but really? No transition post?