"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Friday, December 21, 2012

Cyber Cousins

Something unexpected and wonderful happened spontaneously tonight.
Gigi read a Christmas story book aloud.
It is a book that is about 35 years old that her Daddy
listened to when he was very small.
It's a scratch 'n sniff book that has been pretty much worn away from years 
of little fingers scratching on each page.
There is a faint aroma of pine, orange and peppermint
that still lingers a bit on several of the pages.  
Just barely.

But that's not the amazing thing.
As Gigi read the story, her loving Aunt Hillary listened.
We are so thrilled she is visiting from New Jersey.
But someone else listened to the treasured old book...

Little cousin Abigail!
Yes, our sweet 2 year old in Fairbanks, Alaska!
Holding the very same book in her lap,
this little tot listened intently to all Gigi read.
She nodded when asked questions and scratched at the pictures when told to.
Then her little blond head dropped down off the screen
 as she obediently sniffed at each picture, 
after which she remarked, "Ahhh!" to each one.
(I suspect she had a newer book that REALLY had the sweet smells 
of Christmas on its pages.)

 I sat in amazement watching these two 
dear little cousins interact as natural as could be.
Abigail, who just turned 2, sat still for 3 books.
Gigi, at the tail end of 7, happily read like a champ, patiently holding up the pages to the computer screen to show her young cousin the pictures.


There is a lot of controversy about the internet 
robbing us of personal relationships and face-to-face conversations.
I've even shared such complaints.
But this is one example of just the opposite!
4,000 miles melted into nothing tonight as these 2 little cousins sat on the same bed and enjoyed old story books about Christmas together.
For me, that's about as magical as things can get!


  1. What fun for you all! A good use of technology! carol

  2. It was a wonderful time. We love getting to see all of your faces on the computer screen. Whenever we open the computer Abigail says, "hi" to whomever just might be there. We love that she is getting to know her family across the miles.