"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Time to Move On

The baby is growing well, Mama getting some sleep,
Snow in the forecast...
Time to head south.

Hard to leave this dear little family, but this life is theirs, not mine.
So, a bit heavy-hearted, I pack up all my stuff
(well, not ALL the stuff.  I leave the warm clothes and fleece pj's
here in Fairbanks, just in case...).
Midnight flight means spending several hours in the Anchorage airport.
It's a quiet place and I find a bench to lie on.
It's near the whale exhibit so I rest to the eerie echoes of underwater
whales swirling around me.

The 5 am flight arrives in Seattle in the daylight
I wander around the terminal, stretching my stiff muscles,
and notice the fun way they are painting planes these days.
The one in the background is the standard Eskimo man.
The foreground plane has a musher on its tail but he has a moose
instead of a sled dog and it reads, "We're all pulling together." 

This one is bound for you-know-where!

And flying to Hawaii from Alaska is not all that far of a trip.
It's the number one vacation spot for most Alaskans.
These planes dress up the old Eskimo with a bright flowered lei.
He looks happy as he plans for the warm beaches and sunshine.
Sorry for the poor quality of these pictures, the big terminal windows
are not very clean and clear. 
But you can get the idea.

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