"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MIdnight Sunshine

Isn't it odd how some things in life just never grow old?
Those things that, no matter how often they are experienced,
still bring excitement and wonder to our souls?
Things such as:
 a baby's laughter,
the freshness and silence of winter's first snowfall,
the lonely, haunting call of geese heading south,
the fragrance of freshly mowed grass,
and summer solstice in Fairbanks.

Yes, today is the longest day of the year
and it means there will be no darkness at all.
Since the day is not over yet, I'm using some pictures from
the past few years here.

Tonight, at 10pm right now, the sky is as bright as noon.

 This picture was taken at midnight.  
Mr. Sun is still up and shining bright.

The actual sunset is scheduled for 12:48 AM tonight...
The sunrise is officially 2:58 AM.
The two hours in between fill the sky with rosy glows 
as the colors of the sun's setting and  rising blend into one.
Honestly,  for weeks the night colors have been just like this
and they will remain so for many more weeks to come.
But, just the knowing that this is the official longest day
makes me want to stay up and gaze at the skies.
But, alas, work begins early tomorrow morning and I must sleep
to make it through the demands of the day.  
So, I will go to sleep under blue skies
and wake under the same.  
I'll miss the short spell of pink as the sun dips briefly below the horizon,
but my heart will still be glad.
I've just had another solstice in the Land of the Midnight Sun.
And it doesn't get old.
Good night.  Or is it morning?

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  1. Something about the summer sun always makes me think of the winter nights. How thankful I am for both. These summers that go on and on are the energy and power that keeps us going and fuels us up for the flip side of the year.