"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Family Togetherness

 I have returned to Alaska for another contract as a travel nurse
at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.
My job is the same and I slipped into the role more smoothly than 
I had ever expected.  
I recognize many staff and they all accept my presence as normal, 
even though I've been gone 8 months.
Even quite a number of patients that I've treated in other summers
remember me and we chat like old friends.
It has been a wonderful return.

There is one BIG change, however.
I have chosen not to stay at the apartment from the past
but I'm living with Josh and Kathleen at their home in the hills
north of the city.
I drive the country, unpaved road to their house each evening
and am greeted with a good meal, smiles and hugs.

And enthusiastic greetings and smiles from my sweet, little
granddaughter, Abigail.
If she's on the deck when I pull in the yard,  she waves her arm
so much that her whole little body wiggles.
Now who wouldn't choose a welcome like that?
She's decided she likes wearing my shoes, besides.

And Grandma's car has a different car seat--
this one is front-facing so she can feel the wind blowing her hair.
Yay for watching what's coming for a change!
 I never wanted to stay with this little family for such an extended time
and still have the option of moving to Wedgewood Resort.
But Kathleen comes up with new reasons EVERY day
examining why I should stay with them.
  The silken threads of love seem to be binding me here.
I have a pretty little room to myself with windows looking out at dozens 
of tall birch trees and blue skies, birds and moose. 
 Reminds me of a college dorm room, all my personal things in one place.  
It feels good.  And right.
And I like waking to a tiny hand knocking on my door, calling "Mamaw!"

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  1. Having you in your little room here with us brings such joy. With all the months and years we haven't lived close this is such a treat for us all. We are thankful we get to see you each and everyday.