"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful Hearts

We arrived in Texas several weeks ago but still have lots of memories of our trip to share with you. But plenty of goings-on are going on here and the blog pauses...

Today is Thanksgiving.
A day set aside for giving thanks.

Here in Central Texas we are thankful for signs of fall.
Oh, sometimes we have to search for those signs among the roses...

and blooming lantana.

Seriously, though, Thanksgiving means more to me than good weather,
turkey and pie, parades and even gathering with family.

I think back to the Pilgrims and their courageous journey over unknown waters
to a new life. A life that offered them the freedom to worship as they chose.
A life that honored their values and choices.
Pursuit of this life meant more to them than comfort, family, homeland.

Despite their decisions and idealism, reality struck.
That first winter of 1621 was harsh and they were weakened by the trip.
46 of the 102 original Pilgrims died.
Almost half. I can hardly imagine the heartache.

And yet, only two years later, they honored God with a day set aside
for giving thanks.
What faith. What strength. What resilience. What fortitude.
And I, an American, am blessed with a touch of that same spirit.
400 years cannot diminish DNA so rich and strong.
Their bloodline stretched to the pioneers that settled the west
and the astronauts that explored the universe.

Today I give thanks for that group of dedicated people
and pray that my life demonstrates even a trace of the commitment
that those first colonists carried within.
I don't want my life of ease and freedoms to breed unthankfulness.
I am giving thanks for Thanksgiving Day.

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