"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Coastline contemplations

For any of you that have followed my blog, you know how the
majesty of mountains lifts my heart and overwhelms me.
The same feelings are true of the Pacific coastline.
When standing against such a massive expanse of water, knowing that Hawaii,
Asia and Japan are far in the distance, I sense my smallness.
I recognize that the earth was created by a power far greater than man's and that God set controls in place such as shorelines, tides, and currents.
Just about the time we humans, puffed up in our false sense of divine wisdom, believe we
have it all in order, a mere ripple on the earth's surface, deep within the fluid depths and undetected by our finest scientific instrumentation, leaps onto a an unsuspecting shore as a devastating tsunami and destroys people and property in a moment.
The same way a volcano erupts and stops all life as we know it for that region.
For reasons such as these that go beyond the spectacular beauty of creation, I am reduced to a humble and awestruck woman.


Morning fog rolls off the waters and weaves into the forests just beyond.

The northern coast is mostly public domain and available for all to enjoy.
This is an especially interesting coastline with its massive stones jutting out,
somehow resisting the erosion of the pounding waves.
There are many scenic overlooks and the lure of their beauty pulled the Mazda off the road much like a magnet to iron filings.
Our choice: Salty air and mild breezes or the stuffy, crowded car.
Hmmmmmmmmm, let's think this one over-- for a split second!

Look closely over Jack's right shoulder--see anything?

That whale off in the distance doesn't swim very far
since it's actually a solid rock that fools many of us.
The lack of a dorsal fin is a giveaway, but we aren't that astute.
We watched keenly to see a spray shooting in the air until we realized
we were waiting a bit too long...
Sometimes it's fun to be fooled.

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  1. WOW- these are steller pictures! I think these are the best you have ever taken- just beautiful. Oh, hold on I am getting the call from Natural Geographics... they tried to call earlier to get your number and I missed their call.