"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Friday, September 23, 2011

Just Another Day at the Homestead

Last week Josh was away from home hunting with his dad and friends.
Kathleen and Abigail were alone so we decided to keep her company.
We had a few busy days, here's just one:
Using high bush cranberries Kathleen had picked already,
we made a batch of yummy cranberry jelly...

spent wonderful time playing with Miss Abigail...

and sheet rocked and taped the basement stairway,

often under the watchful eye of the interested boss.

We took a vote on the menu for lunch and Abigail cast her ballot.
Nothing secret about her choice!

Having hung the laundry in the sunshine, Kathleen peered out the window
to check that all was fine when
she saw this moose pacing back and forth along the fence line of the garden.

She called to us and we watched from the deck,
fascinated, until the moose decided that broccoli was just
too yummy to let a little wire fence prevent her munching.
She bent her head and lifted a long leg over the fence---

Oh, no!
We hollered as loud as we could to deter her,
but not until Jack came out banging on his metal sheetrock tools
did she retreat from the vegetables.
She and her big "baby" trotted down the driveway, but not before
trampling through the flowerbed.
Whew-close call.
Just another day of chores at the homestead--hee hee.
One final note, 2 nights later, when all in the house were sleeping, Mama Moose did return and, in silence and happiness, ate much of the produce right down to the stubs. She left behind a bent fence and lots of big hoof prints in the soft soil--and a very disappointed Kathleen.


  1. Great post...This really really shows what life in Alaska is like. I love it! I hope your travels are going well...miss you momma!

  2. It was the best week of my summer. How did it go so fast?