"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Happy Birthday Birthday

Today is a meaningful day for me.
Two special birthdays fall on this day.
34 years apart, each event occurred on a bitter cold night.
Full moon reflecting off the snow.
Christmas carols playing on the radio.
Uncomfortable rides to the hospitals, each bump on the icy roads keenly felt.
Fear of the unknown.
Prayers whispered.
The days' hours were long-- yet timeless.
My firstborn, my son, was born on this day, late into the night.
So was my granddaughter Abigail, also late into the night.
And when the stork finally arrived, I was there!

Thinking about it all, I was cognitively MORE there for little Abigail's
arrival than for my son's.
(Mercifully, I might add.)

 Each one the most precious Christmas gift under the tree.

At only 7 1/2 pounds, our tiny Jonathan changed our lives forever.
We were now parents.  PARENTS!
Our focus changed for all time.

 New babies, with their amazing smells,
bundled into tiny packages that amaze us.

And offer us the promise of life continuing beyond us.

And prove they are resilient human beings, however wee.
Especially these firstborns, surviving our fumbling attempts at
caring for them.

 Abigail, you turn 3 today!
Your excitement over this day has been building for weeks!
I am thankful for a computer that lets me see you and talk to you,
banishing the 4,000 mile barrier.

There will be many, many pictures of you on your dear Mama's blog today.
Jonathan, I won't be posting pictures of you, my big boy.
(I hear that sigh of relief!!)
But each of you are wonderful gifts from God to me,
to a Mother and Grandma.
This is your "Once a year day!"
Happy birthday.  Happy birthday.

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  1. Oh what a wonderful post. I love that your first born and my first born celebrate their special days together. It is so fun for Uncle Jonathan to call abigail and say I will sing to you if you sing to me. What a fun bond. I also tear up when I think of you there with me when my girl came into the world. What a wonderful day it was. Today I have been telling Abigail all the wonderful things I love about her and one thing I did mention is that I love that it is her little arrival that made me a mama.