"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Monday, May 6, 2013

REAL Comfort Food

When we speak of "comfort food",
the images of macaroni and cheese or milk chocolate
often come to mind, almost instantly.
But today I want to pay tribute to REAL,
I say REALLY REAL comfort food.

You see, I had a brief date with a surgeon this past Monday.
His expertise and skill took less than 30 minutes.
My recovery will take, is taking, much longer.
A few weeks, in fact.
And, for this first week,
this innocent-looking walker has been my constant companion.  Thankfully.
But even though offering wheels on the front, I find it bulky,
awkward, noisy (especially at midnight) and ugly.
Just doing its job, of course, and I can't imagine my life without it
 as I hobble around unsteadily.
I will be SO glad to give it back soon.

(God bless anyone that has to rely on a walker all the time.
Grace and patience must accompany its use.)

Yet sweetness has overflowed during this time in my life.
Carrying armloads of dishes, bowls and plastic-wrap-covered
yummies,  a parade of caring, kind friends have come through our front door.
Love spoken loudly and clearly to Jack and me.
Smiles, warm hugs, prayers and delicious, warm
casseroles, salads and baked goods have blessed us.

We have feasted on wonderful meals.

When is a cool whip container not cool whip?
When it holds treasures prepared by a caring friend...
someone who has stirred, 
measured and scooped 
fruits, vegetables, meats and dough.
Put effort and care into providing nourishing meals that will aid in the healing of my body. 
And oh, so much more!
My heart and soul have also been encouraged and uplifted by the daily visits 
of these dear friends.  
Sitting down to a table overflowing with delicious aromas 
and a variety of recipes has sped the physical healing of my body by ministering to my emotional side.
I am so grateful to these loving friends who have given so willingly 
of their talents and time 
to bring us such comfort food.
This comfort food has truly brought comfort
in many ways!!

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