"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Can't Deny the Gene Pool

We have all laughed at Abigail's unique and consistent "smile".

No matter what she is doing, 
when the camera comes out she twists her face into this cockeyed,
one-eyed winking grimace.

I call it her pirate smile---ARRRRRRRR!
I keep hoping she'll outgrow it.

I don't find it particularly attractive, by the way. 
But don't tell HER that!

Today, as I was sorting through mountains of old photos,
I discovered this one.  
Here is Abigail's mother many years ago on a chilly, leafless Easter morning.
She is just a few months younger than Abigail is now.
And--just look at this SMILE!!!!!
See any resemblance?????? 

And then, to prove the strength of genetics, 
I caught sight of a touch of the pirate in baby Ethan.
Try as we might to deny them, our genes are mighty powerful, aren't they?

For the record, I can't even wink with my right eye, never mind make the pirate face...
guess the genes are from the OTHER side of the family!  ;-)


  1. Love it. And even when I thought the smile was just her's, I have always loved my little pirate smiling girl's grin. Someday she will outgrow it and be as normal as the person next to her, but this little grin is her's (and well I guess mine, and ethan's too but still unique)

  2. Very Cute- you look good in those sunglasses in the first picture.