"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Monday, November 5, 2012

No Zoning for Me, Thank You

Living in Port Aransas means you can be a beach bum,
a fisherman, or a millionaire.
And you can live in whatever kind of home you choose,
there is no regulation on size or shape.
While happily biking around the island, we looked at all the ongoing construction
(and the sound of hammering and sawing echoes in the salt air).
Seems the beach bums are being displaced by huge,
fancy and expen$ive beach homes these days.
And lots of pastel colored condos and second homes.

But some of the older domiciles reflect that individual,
quirky personality of the earlier Port A residents.
Like this funny house, painted brightly and offering
"Fishing Stories Told Here".
Can you find the front door?

And this comical trailer up on a boxy base always
makes us stop and take another look.
What is this about, anyway?  Underground garage???

Mr. Pelican at one of the marinas isn't interested in the high rises
nor condos around him, just any fish the dolphins may have missed.

This new house sure seems appealing to me.
I could easily hold the keys to the front door.
Notice how the color reflects the orange, setting sun.

Then there are the old magnificent homes from years gone by.
We have watched this one being renovated, its charm intact.
The big porch behind the house overlooks the Gulf.
Jack is acting the part of the sea captain who lives here,
just returned home from a voyage far away at sea.

 To be honest, I would be pretty content in just about 
any of these houses
 (except perhaps the second story trailer).
I feel ready to enter my beach bum era of life.
I like the feeling of sand between my toes.


  1. We would come visit you in any home you would choose. Even a small one where we pitch a tent in your front lawn. Beach Bum parents sounds good to me, any place to thaw out from our winters and enjoy good company.

  2. I would be pretty content with one of the homes too. Such a tan I would have!But with all that heat and humidity, my hair would permanently resemble someone just released from an asylum!