"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Friday, February 3, 2012

Proof Is in the Sprouting

Here are the pictures to go with my excited words (written a few days ago)
about signs of January springtime in Central Texas:

Buds of jonquils carry the promise of blossoms to come...

and delicate little purple flowers peeking among both fresh green leaves
and old, dry brown ones.
I don't know their names but I appreciate them all the same.

A bit closer, even the leaves are pretty.

A few years ago I took home several pots of Easter lilies
that sat unclaimed in church after Easter Sunday.
I planted the brown, dried up plants in various places, not sure what would happen.
The following Easter and each one after that, the lilies have faithfully come up, spreading actually, to bloom with tall, white flowers. They have already started for this year.

Crocus don't have to break through the ice and snow here,
yet their cheery yellow brightens each spot where they come up.

And the final proof of spring, no matter what the calendar reads:
the dandelion! Each one calls out to little hands everywhere,
"Pick me! Pick me!" and bouquets of them hang limply over the rims of
juice glasses on every kitchen table.
Yay for robins and flowers and green, sprouting things!
Color, noise and life anew.
Yay for spring!

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