"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Monday, December 12, 2011

Touring Through the Tree

Before we could see the Redwood Forest in our rearview mirror
we had to do the "tourist" thing of driving through that famous tree.
We were glad not to own a wider and larger car or truck.

It was a careful trip through the rather tight squeeze but
Jack managed fine. He's a great driver.
Then he did it again...
We were getting our money's worth.

And, being the adventure that it was, we did it once again.
I even took a try at it. (But I swiveled the side mirrors in first.)
How does this tree survive with the big center carved out?
The trunk looks like two sturdy legs that could step out at any time.
Amazingly, the tree is still thriving and growing and reaches way up into the heavens.

A bit later, down the road,
we naturally ran into good old Paul Bunyan.
And Babe, the blue ox-his sidekick.
They were happily patrolling the protected redwoods and I think
the axe he carries, these days, is no longer for logging,
but rather for the loggers that may be (illegally) eyeing the wood.

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  1. Did you really go through 3 times? You guys are so funny!