"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Zooming in the Camera Lens

While visiting Florida recently, I spied something that caught my attention.
It looked like a bunch of white cloths or plastic bags had blown into a row of trees and were stuck there. I hadn't noticed this before so I walked a little closer.

As I kept staring, straining to focus in on these white, ghost-like things,
they suddenly took flight and I recognized them for what they really were.

The frenzy of flight passed and these pretty white shorebirds resettled into the trees.
They fluffed and primped and then tucked their long necks around until
their heads were hidden under their wings.
This happened each evening so I took my camera across the street the next night so I could get these pictures for you. The "bird-ghosts" are gone each morning and the trees remain bare all day long. But, as the sun sets and evening settles in, dozens of these birds return to sleep peacefully, safe and happy, looking like white cloths caught in the branches once again.

Thought I'd share a close up this egret I watched on another day.
Some of those white birds in the trees were egrets like this one.
They are graceful birds that walk intentionally, gazing around
with a wise calmness that is most fascinating.

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