"In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."
John Muir

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Every journey begins with the first step...

Here sits our amazing, personal travel planner created by Kathleen. In this she divided our journey's many miles into 8 days. Just hours before this book arrived in the mail I was edging into a panic attack over the enormity of this trip. But then, as I sat with this book and regarded every page, my pulse slowed. Each day has a plan organized by: mileage, mapquest directions, map, notes of personal interest and encouragement and a confirmation number for a motel waiting at the other end. We agreed upon 10-hour driving days and Kathleen adjusted daily travel to that goal. Mileage fluctuated greatly depending on the road conditions.
"Day 1" began at the "Davis Household" and ended in Lamar, Colorado. 720 miles. We planned to drive about 12 hours this first day because we were psyched and ready to move! The personal note included this message: "Safe travels to you both on your very first day. Love from your Friendly Northern Travel Agent." We never doubted her plan or route but trusted our organized Kathleen to take us to her the very best way!
Scenery through west Texas is about as exciting as it looks out the window. The road was only 2 lanes and filled with s-l-o-w tractor trailers. The only pause for construction in the whole trip was here, as well--about 40 minutes of just waiting in a long line. But notice Hillary's big smile. Let's see if it fades as the days on the road continue, shall we?
Every culture has a proverb about breaking down big issues into bite-sized pieces. Can you think of one??

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